Technologies: Internet and Network Services

Today, a reliable Internet connection is not just an amenity; it’s a necessity. PSAV recognizes the vital importance of High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) and has the ability to provide and protect this service to ensure connectivity, including:

  • PSAV’s certified technology experts
  • Ability to provide wireless Internet access to thousands of devices
  • Expandable wired and wireless services (with PSAV’s traveling networking gear)
  • Custom network design by industry-certified professionals
  • Devoted, on-site networking team
  • Network load graphs (monitor how many devices have connected, how much bandwidth is being utilized, etc.)
  • Dedicated bandwidth options and prioritized traffic (depending on property)
  • Redundant equipment option — automatic or within a few minutes, PSAV can use redundant gear to handle any hardware failure.

PSAV can offer our hotel partners distinct services options depending on the level of need:

  • A whole Managed Network where we will perform a site survey, design, install and operate a new HSIA network.
  • Provide Connection Services that allows for an on-site technician, proactive sales and master account billing on your existing network.
  • Guest Room Services to ensure that your customers have their internet needs professionally handled even in their accommodations.

So whether you are accessing email, downloading presentations or just surfing the Web, you can rely on PSAV. Our wireless and hard-wired capabilities will ensure a connection with the speed to access your files within moments.