PSAV Services at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
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About PSAV®

PSAV is the leading provider of audiovisual and event technology support to hotels, associations, producers and meeting planners worldwide. With on-site offices at more than 1,400 locations worldwide and branch offices in most major meeting cities, PSAV is committed to making every live event an unforgettable experience. PSAV mixes bright ideas with smart technology so the messages organizers want conveyed make the greatest possible impact. PSAV's professionals understand the importance of a successful meeting, and know how minding their work can affect the minds of meeting participants.

A Market Leader

PSAV’s roots go back to early 1937 in providing audiovisual (AV) leadership in the meetings industry. In the last decade, PSAV expanded and consolidated regional AV companies to meet growing customer demand for a national source of consistent, high-quality audiovisual support. Today, PSAV has strengthened its business beyond traditional audiovisual services through innovative technology that enhances live events.

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Mobile Event App


Revolutionize how your attendees receive event information and drastically reduce the time and money you spend on printed materials! Mobile Meeting ManagerTM will transform your attendee’s smartphones and tablets into an interactive, central event resource, loaded with your agenda, meeting session times and locations, exhibitor lists and more.

Save money by nearly eliminating your print costs and even the frustrating reprinting costs. With M3, you can easily accommodate changes to the meeting times and locations, speaker, etc., by instantly communicating updates, keeping your attendees well-informed. Changes can even be made during your event, if necessary.

Maximize your return on investment by selling banner advertisements to your sponsors and exhibitors! Banner ads generate additional revenue, but unlike print ads, your sponsors will receive prime visibility on the M3 home page, and the ad can be linked to the advertiser’s website.

The “green advantages” from reducing paper waste also translate into improved electronic benefits that your attendees will love. With the favorites lists, attendees can create personal schedules, preferred speakers lists and more. M3 can provide an outlet for attendees to network with one another and view venue maps. As a Web-based app, M3 is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

Let PSAV’s professional, full-service team deliver flawless execution for your event every time. From spectacular theming, design and budgeting, to the last technical detail, we’ll take care of everything — all at a low daily cost.

Event Technology

If AV were all you had to worry about, any supplier would do. From PSAV, you get much more, including a full gamut of event technology services, used in specific design to make your event unforgettable.

Resources and Services

Whether you need audiovisual, creative, digital, exhibitor, staging, network, projection, rigging, mobile app, or visual services, PSAV will help you create memorable experiences, helping your attendees share ideas that inspire change.

Unforgettable events happen when strategically placed soundscapes and captivating, illuminated sets are carefully planned and implemented. Our experts have studied the research and truly understand why the right AV has a great impact on message retention and know how to apply innovative event technologies for maximum attendee engagement.


We can make sure your audience sees your video, multi-media or slide material at its best and on multiple screens. Whether HD projection, monitors, signage, gobos, image magnification or other display techniques, we'll ensure every attendees sees your messages with utmost clarity from anywhere they gather.


Well-lighted presenters carry a more impressive presence on stage. Theater-style lighting adds remarkable color and drama to your whole presentation and can transform gala events into something truly remarkable. Ask us about Decor Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Set Lighting, Presenter Lighting and more.


From small audio systems for intimate meetings to multiple arrays that deliver concert-quality sound, we setup microphone, speaker, amplifier and mixer systems to suit the room and audience. Familiar with every corner of the venue and meeting rooms, we can easily calculate just what the best audio is for your event.


Capturing your speakers, their presentations, and all of your event's important moments for later playback is a powerful, even revenue-generating tool that can remind attendees of meeting content and let those who missed the event in on the action. Use our digital recording services to market your event to future audiences, enhance distance learning or continuing education credits or simply create a meeting archive.